The basics of how solar works

Solar PV systems consist of 4 main components, the first of which is the solar panels which are responsible for generating DC electricity.

The next component is the charge controller which ensures the batteries are charged according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Next is the battery bank, where the generated power is stored for use at a later stage.

And lastly is the inverter, which converts the DC power to AC power for use in your home.

When the sun rises and solar irradiance reaches the solar panels, the photovoltaic effect causes them to generate DC electricity. This electricity flows through the charge controller at the specified voltage into the battery bank.

The battery bank is connected to the inverter and the power is converted to alternating current similar to what you would receive form the national electricity grid.

This alternating current is what is distributed throughout your house to power your appliances. Safely, efficiently and for free.

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