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Our municipal water storage system keeps water *clean and safe for longer.

Ellies’ fully installed water storage guarantees clean flowing water. Come rain or shine, insects, algae or debris, nothing gets through this UV-proof, BPA & bacteria-free, unbreakable 3-layered water tank, except for clear water. Manufactured using 100% Food Grade Virgin Polymer, it comes with DAF pump & piping. Enjoy the ultimate municipal water storage system!

** Only available in KZN

Clean, safe water always on tap. System components below.

1000lt Grey

1000lt Sahara

2500lt Battleship Grey

5000lt Green

5000lt Sahara

Compression Fitting Spanner

DAB 0.6kW Pump with Pressure Controller

Disc Filter

HDPE Compression Fittings

* Quality of water is dependent on the quality of the municipal water supply.
** Only available in KZN