Solar For Home

Fully installed System for your home

Includes all the components necessary to generate, store, and distribute solar power for a home or business.

Our Solar Products

A range of equipment designed for various solar power generation and storage needs.

We have completed many successful projects converting homes into sustainable off the grid buildings with our wide range of solar solutions. Our modular solar solutions allow clients to continually improve upon their solar installations as they aim to take their homes further off the grid.

Don’t let the ever-increasing price of electricity or the constant risk of loadshedding affect you. Go Solar with Ellies today!

As pioneers in our field, we always have your needs in mind, from SunSynk and LifeLynk inverters, HiKu Canadian solar panels, SunSynk solar batteries to charge controllers, off-grid solar, grid protection, and solar accessories.



Kindly note that the products displayed below are only a summary. Please contact us to enquire about other additional products.