Ellies designs from-scratch tailored renewable energy system for this Bergvliet residence

Ellies offers a wide range of sustainable renewable energy solutions for the home, including generators, solar panels, water-saving products, accessories and more. In this case, the solution was a system designed to contribute to the customer’s daily electrical consumption and save them money on their monthly electricity bill.

Ellies had eight months, while the client’s home was being constructed, to design this completely customised solution.

The result was a solar system set at a 45 degree angle to ensure optimum production during winter months, paired with a 5kW SMA Grid Tie Inverter with a single phase Sunny Island 6.0 Battery Inverter. This produced between 24kWh and 27kWh per day, saving 31% on electricity consumption, and could power all lighting, two TV’s and various selected socket outlets in the event of load shedding.

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