About Us


Ellies is a household name. Chances are, every household and business uses one or more of the products and services we provide.

The strength of our group and brand rests on four pillars: innovation that is sparked by taking the time to understand what customers need; the quality of our products and services; people who are proud to work for and with Ellies – and foresight.

Innovation for Ellies is about understanding what our customers require and being spot on in providing the best products to satisfy their needs. We continually research and develop products and solutions that answer marketplace needs – and through diversification, we maintain our business strength. As the market needs change, our flexibility allows us to change with them. Our innovative spirit ensures that any Ellies product or service will fit our customers’ needs today and in the future.

Quality products equal quality solutions. At Ellies, we don’t believe in letting people down – which is why consumers trust us. We choose only reputable suppliers who are on the cutting edge of technological developments and can back their products with warranties. We employ over 480 people across a range of operations who are well trained and are dedicated to offering the best service – from warehousing to distribution, sales and management.

Our culture of teamwork and good communications makes us one of the most satisfying organisations to work for, and that makes us proud.

Forward-thinking for future-fit solutions. Four decades of experience makes pinpointing potential and profitable areas of growth one of our keys to success. Besides trends, we confidently identify where the market is going and are quick to shift into gear to become thought leaders and business leaders in those areas – such as our drive towards smart solar and alternative energy solutions. We service the commercial, industrial, retail, residential and agriculture industries and everyday people with customised solutions. We know how to use technology to improve people’s lives meaningfully.

We are conscious about creating quality employment opportunities – seeking out partnerships and driving our local service providers to work to world-class standards.