Renewable Energy

In 2011, Ellies launched its Renewable Energy division. Ellies renewable Energy (ERE), which focuses on giving the consumer the power of not being the victim of ever-increasing energy bills.

Ellies Renewable Energy aims to make a positive impact by providing the latest products in responsible technology that not cost you the earth and will fit easily into your current lifestyle. Our responsible range of products incorporates some of the worlds leading edge power-saving technology and modern design.

Our product range encompasses products such as light bulbs, showeheards, solar geysers, wind turbines, heat pumps, energy audits and solar PV systems. The extensive list of responsible technology is constantly expanding so that the consumers every need is taken care of.

Our mission is to make a positive impact in Africa by providing the means for the consumer to preserve the natural resources that provide their energy and water needs.

Ellies is the only national company that provide a complete range of solutions to save energy and water.


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Renewable Energy