Goodluck Namibia Tour

GoodLuck, an electro-swing and dance group from Cape Town, consisting of Ben Peters (younger brother to Dominic Peters from Goldfish) and Juliet Harding, set out to record an entire album, Creatures of the Night, in the Namibian dessert this October. With the biggest challenge being that the dessert has no electricity, Ellies took up the challenge to build a custom solar solution.
In order to run all the recording equipment, they needed a system large and stable enough. Working hand in hand with Ellies Renewable Energy, we were able to customize the solution for this purpose.
After a successful tour, GoodLuck released a single from this new album, Trickery, on local television shows; Top Billing and Espresso featuring Ellies as a renewable energy plus.

        Goodluck on Expresso



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Goodluck Namibia Tour