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Everyday smart businesses have an emergency back-up plan in place for any sort of disaster, but how many of these everyday smart businesses have a well-planned, reliable and cost-effective back-up plan in place for an unexpected power outage? We are all aware of load-shedding, but are you aware of the threat that the weather has on your business’ power supply or even how inconvenienced your business can be from a power outage caused by road maintenance. Don’t you think it is time your business considered a generator from Ellies for back-up power?

Ellies has a range of generators that offer great back-up power options to help keep the lights and production equipment functional in your business in case of an unexpected power outage. Ellies generators can be used for small offices, factories, agricultural use, petrol stations, the hospitality industry, clinics, small medium enterprises and many more.

The small Ellies generators are portable and ideal for outdoor activities which might require power while the big generators are designed to provide prime and continuous power supply either as a primary source of power for recreational activities or work site contractors or as back-up power for businesses.

You don’t have to wait until you are unable to communicate with your customers; until your business loses profit or worse your business has to shut down permanently. You don’t have to wait until your business is forced to lay-off workers. The consequences of not having a well-planned out back-up power can be far more costly to your business than you actually think.





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