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To be at the forefront of technology in Africa means that we must constantly strive to find products that meet your needs; to provide service that exceeds your expectation. We are currently updating our product website, should what you looking for not be found, please contact us for a prompt reply.

Compression F-connector for RG-11 Coaxial Cable
Compression F-Connector for RG-6 Coaxial Cable
Economy 2-Way Splitter
F - Double Female Bulkhead
F-Connector Screw-Type for RG-6 Cable
F-Type Female to PAL Female Adaptor
F-Type Female to PAL Male Adaptor
F-Type Male to PAL Adaptor
F-Type Male to PAL Female Adaptor
Female Coaxing plug
Indoor 2-Way Splitter
Indoor 2-Way Splitter (F-Type)
Indoor 3-Way Splitter
Indoor 4-Way Splitter
Indoor 6-Way Splitter
Metal to Male Quick F-Type barrel Connector
PAL Male Connector
PAL Male Connector Metal Type
Plug-in 2-Way Splitter
Plug-in 2-Way Splitter
Plug-in 2-Way Splitter (Y-Type)
Right - Angle F - Male to Female Adaptor
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