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Your needs. Our technology.
To be at the forefront of technology in Africa means that we must constantly strive to find products that meet your needs; to provide service that exceeds your expectation. We are currently updating our product website, should what you looking for not be found, please contact us for a prompt reply.

1.2m Red Band Plastic Aerial
1.6 Yellow Band Professional F-Connector
10 Element Aerial Ellies
100 Element Aerial Ch 21/47
100 Element Aerial Ch 37/69
13 Element VHF Aerial
15 Element Aerial VHF / UHF
15 Element B.lll Ch 4/12
18 Element B.lll Ch 4/12 Silver PL Bag Aerial
1m Broadband Aerial
3 Element Aerial Ch 5/12
4 Element VHF Aerial
40 Element Aerial
5 Element FM Aerial
8 Element VHF Aerial
9 Element Log Periodic Aerial
Caravan Kit
Ch 53/68 2.8m Green Band Aerial
Digital Terrestrial TV Antenna
Ellies 1m Green Band Ch 53/68
Ellies 1m Red Band Ch 21/36
Ellies 1m Yellow Band Ch 37/53
Ellies 2.8m Red Band Channel 21/36
Ellies 2.8m Yellow Band
Ellies Pro Series 28/69
Ellies Standard Ch 21/28
Ellies Standard Green Band Ch 53/68 F-Type
Ellies Standard Red Band Ch 21/36 F-Type
Ellies Standard Red Band Ch 21/36 F-Type
Log Periodic UHF/VHF Combo Aerial
Omni Directional Caravan Kit
Pro Series Green Band
Professional Aerial F-Type Connector
Standard Aerial F-Type Connector
UHF Grid Aerial
UHF Small Grid Aerial
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