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To be at the forefront of technology in Africa means that we must constantly strive to find products that meet your needs; to provide service that exceeds your expectation. We are currently updating our product website, should what you looking for not be found, please contact us for a prompt reply.

UHF 35dB UHF 18dB Amplifier
120mA Ellies Power Supply
12dB VHF 10dB UHF Amplifier
2 Output and 3 Input Indoor TV-Link Distribution Amplifier
2-Way Indoor TV-Link Distribution Amplifier
20dB UHF Amplifier (Green Band Only)
3-Way TV-Link Amplifier with Extra-View Link
4-Way Indoor TV-Link Distribution Amplifier
AC/DC 12V Power Supply
Ellies 11dB UHF / VHF Mixer
Ellies 12V Battery Conection Plugs
Ellies 14db Band 1 + VHF 25dB UHF Amplifier
Ellies 14DB VHF 25DB UHF Ampl F Type
Ellies 14dB VHF 25dB UHF Amplifier
Ellies 25DB UHF 25DB VHF Amplifier
Ellies 28bB UGF with VHF Mix + Band
Ellies 28DB UGF with VHF Mix
Ellies 28DB UHF Amplifiers Variable
Ellies 30dB Band 1 + UHF 30dB VHF Amplifier
Ellies 30dB UHF, 30dB VHF Amplifier
Ellies 35 DB UHF 18DB Band l; lll
Ellies 35DB UHF 35DB VHF Amplifier
Ellies 40DB UHF Amplifier
Ellies Band l; lll 34dB Amplifier
Ellies Channel Equalizer
Ellies Combiner UHF with Band l; lll
Ellies Mixer 2 UHF Band l; lll
Ellies Mixer 2U 1DC
Ellies Mixer 2U 1V
Ellies Mixer UHF Mix VHF Variable
Ellies Mixer UHF/VHF - Export
Ellies Power Supply
Ellies SA3 Amplifier
Ellies SA4 Amplifier
Ellies SA4 Amplifier F Type
Ellies Set Back Amp 2 Outputs 25dB
Ellies UHF/VHF Mixer (DC on VHF)
Ellies VHF 34DB Amplifier
Home Link Amp 15 DB UHF
In - Line Adjust. Trap Filter CH 21 - 69
In - Line Adjust. Trap Filter CH 21 - 69
Inline Amplifier 950-2250MHz 12-20dB Gain
Link Eye Bedroom Unit
Masthead adjust. Trap Filter Ch 21-29
Power Supply
Pro Series SA1 25db UHF AMP
Pro Series SA10 35db UHF 35db VHF
Pro Series Setback Amplifier
Pro Series UHF / VHF Combiner
Pro Series UHF / VHF Variable
Prof F - Type 25DB UHF Fixed 15DB VHF VAR
Prof F - Type 35DB UHF Fixed 35DB VHF VAR
Prof F- Type 40DB UHF Fixed 18DB VHF VAR
Prof SA1 25dB UHF fixed
PSU Africa Version 260V 2-Pin
SA Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA1UV Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA2V Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA3 Masthead Amplifier
SA4 Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA5 Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA6 Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA8 Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SA9 Masthead Amplifier (F-Type)
SB5 Africa Version 260V 2 - Pin
SB5 Setback Amplifier
Set Back Amp 2 Outputs 12 DB
Set Back Amp 2 Outputs 25 DB
TV & IRD Signal Mixer
UHF / 25, UHF / 25, VHF / 15 All Variable
UHF 20dB VHF 20dB Amplifier
UHF 20dB VHF 20dB Amplifier
VHF + FM 15dB, UHF 30dB + 2 Amplifier
VHF 15dB, UHF 30dB x 2 Amplifier
VHF 30dB 2 x UHF 30dB Amplifier
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